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Best Foods for Bulking
and Gaining Muscle Mass

7 foods you should miss out of your diet for bulking up and increasing your muscle mass

Fitness expert may arm you with information to increase your muscle mass without bumping up your fat levels. However, the fitness enthusiast in you will be constantly search for foods to eat in order to get a leaner physique and increase your muscle mass.

So what works best for bulking up and gaining muscle mass? Are you someone rummaging around in search of the best foods to bulking and gaining muscle mass? Well, you can end your search here. We have handpicked seven of the best foods for gaining muscle rather than body fat. Here is a compilation of super foods that would be of great help for all the beginners who ponder over glossy magazines and numerous web articles in search of foods for bulking up.

A Stands for Avocado

Indeed, avocado is an incredibly nutritious fruit. No health-lovers or fitness-freaks can avoid this wonderful gift of nature, for it comes with numerous health benefits, ranging from cardiovascular health to preventing cancer. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and essentially rich in vitamins and minerals, including potassium, sodium, etc. Apart from all these health benefits, avocado plays a major role in your bulk-up diet as well. Start your day with a sumptuous salad or go for a delicious lunch recipe made up of avocado, but certainly do not miss it.

Dive for Salmon

Salmons are another nutrient-rich food which can certainly be included in your diet for bulking up and gaining muscles. It is rich in animal protein, potassium, magnesium, etc, which has various health benefits. The best thing is salmons are highly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Above all, it is one of the most nutrient-rich foods which can be cooked and served deliciously.

Eggs are Essential

Egg is yet another super food to be included in your bulk-up diet plans, and it is essential for increasing muscle mass. If you opt for whole eggs, then that would make the best source of protein and amino acids. You may be concerned about the high cholesterol content in the eggs. Be sure you do not eat more than eight eggs a day, so that the saturated fat content will never go up, and you need not worry about your cholesterol levels. Should we need to mention that you can make hundreds of delicious dishes out of eggs? Or even why to bother about recipes when pepper-flavored scrambled eggs make a good choice?!

Cottage Cheese

There is slow digesting diary protein in cottage cheese, which is known by the name casein. Eating cottage cheese after your workout session will effectively help in building muscles. It is a big source of protein to help you to become stronger and healthier. It enhances your calcium levels as well to make your bones strong. Cotton cheese also has live cultures which boost the absorption of nutrients.

Nuts, Almonds and More

Both nuts and almonds top the list of super-rich foods, even when you go for a bulking diet. Small quantities of nuts can give you high calories which makes it a great choice in your bulk-up diet. Your body will be supplied with high amounts of protein that are essential for muscle mass among other micronutrients to keep your health intact. Make sure you provide space for nuts, nut butters, almond, almond butter on your plate to reach your goals. Doesn't it make a good snack in between meals?

Lean Beef, a Great Choice

Red meat is very beneficial for your body as it contains high amounts of protein and fat. Again for followers of non-vegetarian diets, lean beef would be a perfect choice as it helps in building muscle mass as well as bulking. It is one of the richest sources of high quality protein, which is essential to build up the muscle mass. Furthermore, it contains iron, stearic acid and creatine to help you in reaching your fitness goals.

Lunch with Potatoes

Last, but certainly not the least in our compilation of best foods for a bulking diet, is potatoes. If you prefer veggie foods for your meal time, go for mashed potatoes. It is a wonderful choice for gaining weight and benefits will be doubled if you are opting for sweet potatoes. They are rich in fibre as well. If you could plan your lunch with potatoes and white rice, it would help with your fitness goals for sure.

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Getting your diet right can kick start your training and dramatically increase your gains.Having tried the hard way to discover the best food combinations and training methods Kevin Hodges is now sharing his knowledge to help others reach their potential. Spreading the word of health and fitness across the world is his ultimate goal

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