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Favorite Mass Gain Powders

It is stating the obvious to say that bodybuilders require substantially more muscle tissue than normal, and mass gain powders combined with regular muscle-building exercises and other natural bodybuilding supplements are the best way to a body packed with lean muscle. When looking for the right mass gain powders, the aspiring bodybuilder needs to ask themselves a key question:

What do I require from my mass gain powders?

As well as promoting and assisting the development of new lean muscle tissue, mass gain powders should also assist in muscle recovery following grueling training and weightlifting sessions. Such powders are also known as "mass gain shakes" or "mass gainers", but they all follow the same basic model being high-calorie, protein-rich powders that exist to supplement or replace meals and enabling bodybuilders to consume the colossal amount of daily calories needed for truly effective muscle-building.

It is more than just a question of providing many calories, however. Mass gain powders are able to give the bodybuilder the most appropriate and high-quality calories, those which are highest in protein, carbs and low in fats. Many brands of mass gain powders also combine their calorific content with additional glutamine and pro-biotics, which are good for workout recovery and digestive health.

Protein powders come in a variety of flavors, and from a variety of sources. Here are some of the most popular:

Whey protein powders are highly sought after because they contain all the essential amino acids bodybuilders require for muscle recovery. Derived from the milk production process, whey protein comes in three kinds: whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate. Whey concentrate is has a protein concentration of between 29 per cent and 89 per cent, whereas whey isolate has a protein concentration of 90 per cent or more. Whey hydrolysate is the quickest form to digest as it is enzymatically predigested.

Milk protein, a popular mass gain powder containing glutamine and casomorphin.

Soy protein. Derived from soybeans.

Egg-white protein is a perfect mass gain supplement for bodybuilders who cannot ingest lactose or dairy products.

Hemp seed. A highly-digestible protein, hemp oil is also rich in essential fatty acids.

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